A former Military Administrator of Akwa Ibom State, Colonel Yakubu Bako, retd, has revealed that President Buhari will not cling unto power should he lose the 2019 election.

The retired colonel, who was in charge of Akwa Ibom from December 1993 to August 1996, believed there would not be violence if the President loses.

He said, “Look Buhari, himself as a person, if he loses the election, he would pack and go back to Daura.

“Buhari as a person would not shed the blood of a chicken to win election. He would not want to shed the blood of an individual to win election. No!

“Like what happened in 2015, if 2019 comes out and he sees he didn’t win the elections and he says ‘yes I have accepted this result,’ there would not be trouble.

“Yes, like we had in 2015. If Jonathan had not come out hurriedly to accept the results of the elections, there might have been trouble in some parts of Nigeria.

“My take, therefore, is that the same should apply in 2019. Whosoever loses in the elections should make haste to concede defeat like what we had in 2015.”