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1) European Wavy Boy: The intro to the record is essentially the most important part of it. It’s what draws the listener in or sends them off to doing something more constructive with their time. There’s a great sample from a movie (It might be the Godfather, I’m not sure) that keeps me interested. “I don’t need to sound like Kendrick to get my money up”. That’s your cue, this is an exercise in luxury rap.

2) Tequila: This song starts to ‘Chubbziano’ chants and what is a great jazz infused beat. Imagine walking through a market in Havana and being performed to by local musicians. Yep! That’s what this sounds like.  It comes across as more of a freestyle than a written song and features the usual slick talk that one would get to understand is the staple of the ‘European Wavy Boy’. Includes references to Whole Foods, Nobu, Monaco and Aaron Rambo.

3) Unbelievable Scenes: It’s a Saturday. The TV is tuned to Sky Sports where a studio panel and game side analysts provide you with updates from the games across the country. “We’ve got some news from Chris Kamara” at so, so and so game. “Unbelievable scenes here, Jeff. Last season, from a yard out he couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo ” Kamara screams to Jeff Stelling, the show’s anchor. Whoever came up with the idea of the sample is worth whatever money they charge. It’s evident there’s a huge Jay Z influence as there’s the “Hola Chubbzino” adlib that is reminiscent of ” Hola Hovito” and a ‘Money ain’t a Thang’ reference. (Mr Carter’s initials are also SC)

4) Pockets (w/ DAP & Mick Jenkins): Probably the slowest, more down-tempo track on the cut. There’s a strong soul element and is a standout built around Chubbz showing his introspective and self aware dimension.

5) Singing Miracles (w/ Uzzee and Phlowz): The sample here won’t be out of place at your Friday night vigil.  More Kirk Franklin than R Kelly. That sets the tone for what becomes a motivational tale towards overcoming what has now become the cliché  “valley of the shadow of death”. Features verses from Uzzee and Phlowz from the Creative Elevation collective.

6) Monday Night Raw (w/ TeeZee): Another sports sample. This time from an alcohol fueled WWE wrestler,  StoneCold Steve Austin. Probably the catchiest beat and best delivered song. DRB’s TeeZee makes an appearance and draws parallels to Harlem World. There’s also what has become his trademark blend of the football hashtag rap.

7) Foreign (Outro): A soulful closure to the EP. There are two recognizable nods to some hip hop legends; The 2nd verse sounds so Eminem- ish. The beat/instrumental a modification of Kanye West’s ‘New Slaves’.


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