Every now and then a trope emerges and takes over the cultural construction of the arts, especially drama and cinema. The Jollof Wars for years has taken over most of the discussions online when various parts of West Africa are mentioned – Nigeria and Ghana especially.The short film, “Jollof Wars: A Star Wars story” was produced by upcoming media group, Film Trick. It features a Ghanaian and a Nigerian fighting for Jollof supremacy. Like most real-life arguments the “war” has caused, the two start off with friendly roasts but soon escalate to a Star Wars esque showdown; The Jollof Wars.

Going beyond the cliché slap stick humour dominant in the African film industry, the script takes a more intelligent and hilarious curve in entertainment. The punch lines bring reminders of secondary school roasts with lines like “You fight like your rice; pathetic and weak” and “You look like your rice; fat and soggy”.

While the story brings to life an age-old Ghana – Nigeria rivalry in the most entertaining way yet, there is a little bit to be desired in the acting and the camerawork, however some of what was left out while shooting is recovered by great editing.

Oshomah and Flaron, the duo behind Film Trick are sure to let us know that there are more videos in the works with an anime Supa Strikas video next.