With Poison, her third single of the year, Lady Donli does away with a detracting relationship. Playing on the popular line from Destiny Child’s Say My Name, Donli opens the record gloriously bringing light to her lyrical capabilities.

With an assist from DJ Woske who brings another dimension to the already alluring track, its easy to understand how Donli has grown a sizeable fanbase over the years. Produced by Chillz, mixed by Genio Bambino & Tay Iwar and mastered by Tay Iwar while Rome creates on the song’s art, Poison begins with Donli in isolation before a sudden jazz lift in the background. Using techno tempos and catches, the song is anything but basic allowing her to continue to distinguish herself and her sound from a saturated marked. The electronic vibe combined with the soulful vocals makes the song catchy.

Listen below: