Yesterday, the Senate voted on 32 constitutional amendments which touch on everything from the Judiciary to Authorization of Expenditure. Of the 32, there are four bills in particular we’re excited about because they’re indications that our senators are thinking of the youth and making moves leveling an unequal playing ground between men and women.

The first of these bills is the deletion of NYSC from the Nigerian constitution. While the bill does not lead to the cancellation of NYSC, it could serve as a catalyst and continue the conversations on the need for the scheme in today’s Nigeria.

Secondly, the Senate voted to lower the age limit for contesting elections for the offices of state governors and president. The age limit for candidates for president has been reduced from 40 to 35 and, for governorship positions, from 35 to 30.

The third and fourth bills that we’re happy to see were positively voted on are moves to ensure we have more women in power. Bills proposing 35% quotas for female representation in ministerial and state commissioner positions both passed the Senate.

The next step for each of these 4 bills is for them to be passed by at least 24 state legislatures and the President but considering the way things truly work, we’d advice holding all celebrations till these have no more barriers.