The cinematic experience creative directors seek to gift viewers with these days has taken a positive turn from mere superficial twists in videos to drawing and inputting avant- grade elements in the crux of their projects. 

For Ghanaian Creative Director, BZDRKO in the visualization of Ghanaian Songwriter-Producer Nxwrth’s Cupid, the thought of using conventional elements seemed like a substandard idea. Her aim when bringing his story to life was to disrupt ordinary African conceptual thinking of what a visual for a love story should be. She claims she got kind of tired of seeing the same ‘song-and-dance’ videos that she’d been raised to believe is the ‘right way’ to portray love and tragedy visually and so in a unexpected way she literally told Nxwrth’s tragic love tale in a series of theatrical scenes beginning with the first scene depicting Love and closing with tragedy. 

Drawing inspiration from 1920s silent films Nxwrth and BZDRKO put a twisted spin on traditional African love and In the easiest of artsy ways, with vocal assist from Darkovibes and a polished soundscape of eclectic synths and pads, he expresses the disbelief of the purity of love he’s experiencing. 

We hope to see more of these unconventional visual takes exhibiting major music subjects.