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Davido Gets Double Crossed and Ends Up Locked Up in Nwa Baby Video.

Davido Gets Double Crossed in Nwa Baby Video.

A host of features and now his third single have helped Davido do the seemingly impossible, follow up the monster…
Larry Gaaga calls on Davido for Doe

Davido Carries All The Weight on Larry Gaaga’s ‘Doe’

As a result of the ease with which music is now released through online channels, establishing oneself as an artist…
10 Debut Projects from 2016 You Should Listen to featuring GMK, Odunsi The Engine, Tau Benah, Kash, Tim Lyre, The Section, AYLØ, Mafeni, BrisB and Fasina

10 debut projects from 2016 you should bump!

We reflect on 2016 and some of the best debut projects we heard and believe you should also listen to.…