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Gaddafi-trained gunmen responsible for killings in Nigeria – Buhari

President Muhammad Buhari has blamed the killings across the country to the ‘gunmen trained and armed by Muammar Gaddafi of…

Bill Gates whipped the Presidency to our delight, but we have all moved on – as usual

Nigerians are the “forgetfuls", Nigerians move on so fast and live to another day of “shuffering and shmilling.”

Buhari Is Convinced The People Want Him Until 2023

President Muhammad Buhari said he would be re-contesting because Nigerians want him to continue to be their President beyond 2019…

Cambridge Analytica tried to influence Nigerian 2015 election with violent video

Cambridge Analytica tried to influence voters in Nigeria during the 2015 General Election, it has been learnt. The Guardian UK…