Artistic expressions (in this context, music) emanate from a number of places for various artists. Some get inspiration from personal experiences, stories, “natural herbs”, as well as “significant others”. The last being the case with Toni’s My Boo.

Co-CEO and artist of AFROToni releases My Boo after a self-imposed break that lasted longer than a minute. My Boo is the platform for which Toni stands to assert his feelings for his current boo. These feelings are articulated in a mixture of pidgin and English. In the midst of it all, it is particularly interesting to hear the muscular sounding artist show his soft side at different moments in between the lyrics.

While the beat is supposedly created by J-Glad and mixed and mastered by Wombat Studios, we cannot help but notice its uncanny semblance to Gold by Alicai Harley. The blame here goes to J-Glad who we reckon sold the beat to both artists without disclosing so.