Here’s The Lead Single Off Wurld and Sarz’s Collaborative Album

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Listen to Trobül, The Lead Single Off Wurld and Sarz's Collab Project

Wurld and Sarz’s latest release, Trobül doubles as the name of the lead single off their upcoming collaborative project and the project itself. A refreshing and soothing record that sees Sarz slow it down in fashion we may be unfamiliar with from him while Wurld cruises over the drums as he sings about a woman who has captured his attention.

Speaking to FADER, Wurld said “the vision behind creating this song was to add a new dimension to Afro-inspired music, while moving the culture forward progressively. while Sarz added “If there’s one thing I love about Trobül, it definitely has to be how natural making this amazing song came about. Energies don’t lie.”


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