Yinka Bernie, BarelyAnyHook and Saxofix are three artists who in the past year have quietly made waves. Yinka Bernie for his leisurely flow, Barelyanyhook as a lyricist with a nifty flow and Saxofix as a crackerjack of a saxophonist. Now they all synthesize their various strong suits on a track they’ve tagged untitled with the assistance of Joyce Olong, another burgeoning act whose recent single Shekels stood in a league of its own, delivering back-up vocals.

On the hook, Yinka Bernie strikes a nerve and leaves the listener longing for more while Barelyanyhook enters with a Childish Gambino esque flow. untitled is wrapped up with a blend of various notes from a chromatic scale guru while Saxofix puts the icing on the cake. With chilled music like this which Yinka Bernie promises more of, summer can come right now.