What Makes Rolexes So Revered?

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In the world of watches (and the wider accessories world in general), there are few names that are more famous than “Rolex.” It’s a name that is synonymous with luxury, with status, and with power, so much so that fake Rolexes are amongst the most popular products even in the world of counterfeits. However, there’s nothing like the real thing. Just why is that, however?

The infographic below unveils just a little of what makes Rolex so revered by looking at some of the most sought-after and well-respected Rolex watches on the market right now. It takes a deep dive into two watches in particular: the Submariner Date “Kermit”, as well as the Cosmograph Daytona, and breaks down exactly what makes them so attractive.

This in-depth look at the two watches looks at their shapes, sizes, and functions, such as how they measure time and by what metrics. However, it also looks into what gives them the “spirit” of a Rolex, the aesthetic and the intrigue behind them. As such, it can help give you an understanding of just what has made this brand so synonymous with top-notch design for so long.

If you’re considered a new watch and you want to know if Rolex watches are really worth the hype, just keeping reading the following infograph:

Infographic Design By WatchBox Rolex Blog

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