Ric Hassan returns with a new song and video, Only You. The song has two videos on his YouTube channel; a lyric video (an animated and subtitled production) and one with live subjects – Ric and his lover.

The animated video is simple and uses soft colors to accompany the soft ballad, Only You. It stands rather unique to most Nigerian music videos we are used to. With enough thinking, Weird MC’s Ijoya video comes to mind, being part of the few animated music videos from artistes in Nigeria.

Only You begins with the sun rising with rays appearing one after the other. Soon enough, the silhouette of a couple is seen. They dance while the clouds go by and the day runs out. Towards the ending of the song, the sunset is then seen. A refreshing concept from usual ballad styled videos. The animation however made use of the same dance moves and character motions which made viewing plain. Nonetheless, the audio does compliment the video in a soothing way.

The other video makes use of shadow to erase cliche shots and bring in more viewing options. Ric Hassani stands by the window and in little time is joined by his lover. They have a romantic montage including a scene shot under white covers.

He then changes scene and serenades his lover at different spots in an open field. The costumes look straight out of an urban Instagram picture. Only You ends with a long solo shot of Ric standing in front of wrinkled white sheets with back light.

Watch the videos below



Photo Credit: “Only You” video (Photo: Ric Hassani/ YouTube)