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Obasanjo’s Internet - Toyosi Godwin

Did you know that there are approximately 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide? Can you imagine all the different ways in which we all use the internet? Obasanjo’s Internet is our interview series where we speak to some of our internet favourites on how they relate to the internet and what it means to them and their work. This week, social media influencer, Toyosi Godwin talks to us about how he uses Obasanjo’s Internet.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

To be honest, I know that I am supposed to pray first before anything else, but my phone is the first thing that has my attention before anything else. I am trying to change that now, but it is sort of hard. I am sure, with consistency; I will change it in a few months.

How do you use the internet for work or pleasure?

I use the internet for both. For work and for pleasure. I use TikTok and Instagram for pleasure. But when I open my Twitter, it is for work. I am either helping a brand activate a campaign or making jokes to increase my visibility. But I know almost every tweet is made with an intent in mind. The intent could be to be funny, controversial, or insightful. Essentially, I rarely tweet mindlessly. Even when it looks like it, trust me, it is intentional – I will admit that I make mistakes though. There are periods I go for two to three days without making up to four tweets. 

What moment or episode in your life would you say captured the essence of the internet?

I have had many episodes that made me realize the importance and essence of the internet. For instance, in the early hours of the 21st of November 2020, I got a call that someone wanted to commit suicide in Aba and he dropped my number. Apparently, he was one of the people I had been talking to in the DMs and encouraging me not to give up. I got the call around 6:30 AM. Imagine getting that kind of call around 6:30 AM during morning devotion with the family. Anyway, I made a tweet and luckily, someone who lived around him and follows me saw the tweet and drove to his place. That was how he was rescued that morning. His brother still thanks me today.

The internet has exposed me to a plenitude of opportunities. So, I cannot point to one moment. Let’s just say, right now, I open my app with the consciousness of the essence and power of the internet. 

Your favourite social media platform and why?

My favourite social media platform is Twitter. I love Twitter because of the realness of the platform. Even in the sense of humour, the app is never defeated. Instagram is littered with screenshots of content from Twitter. 

What was the last meme you saved?


Do you remember the first time something you posted went viral? What was it? How did it make you feel?

I remember. This was my first viral tweet. It was in 2019. I was in my final year. My 100L roommate was bagging girls and they were bringing food to him. I was in my final year and nobody ever cooked for me all through my final year in school. So, I ranted, and a lot of people vibed to it. I was so happy. For the first time, a lot of people could relate to my joke. I still remember how my roommate sat with me, wondering why I was excited. Lmao. Good times.  

What’s the most outrage you have ever generated over something you posted? How did you react to it?

I know all the times I have been dragged. I was dragged when Hushpuppi was arrested. I was dragged when Obi Cubana buried his mum. I can go on and on. The most for me, was when I commented something in support of Ogbeni Dipo and people dragged the hell out of me. I was hurt because I was not even the one who made the original tweet. I just dropped a comment. So, it was like a transfer of anger, and I was the butt of the aggression. I am even pained as I am answering this. How did I react? I just dropped my phone. It’s Twitter. It will always die down. Now, I don’t even care anymore. If you drag me, I will drag you back if I can. And if I can’t, I mute the tweet and move on. The normal traction of most dragging is 24 hours. After 24 hours, everyone moves on. You must have angered many people for your dragging to continue after 24 hours.

What rules do you live by on the internet?

Be respectful to everyone until you have a reason not to be. Don’t drop a comment on every trending issue – that is the recipe for constant dragging. Don’t have conversations you will not be proud to show to the world, especially with random people. If you are an influencer, don’t just accept money anyhow. 

What is your guiltiest online pleasure?

I love watching TikTok videos of dogs and babies. I find it funny because I don’t have either of the two.

Would you say you have an online persona?

Yes, I would say so. I am playful, witty, a bit religious, and expressive of my core value – discipline.

What’s your favourite emoji, and why?

😒. I like the emoji because it is passive-aggressive and also hilarious. If I use it for a friend, it usually shows humor. But if I use to a stranger, it gets aggressive. 

Are you particular about your feed?

I am verryyyyyy particular about my feed. Very. DON’T retweet porn to my TL. I mute you right away. And don’t be putting aggressive tweets in my face all the time. 

YouTube or TikTok? Which do you prefer and why?

TikTok. I am a person of humour. So, I like to watch those short videos that will make me laugh. I love YouTube, too, though. 

Which Nigerian creator do you think the world needs to see and hear more of?

A bit narcissistic, but I’ll say me. Then, @afamscorner on TikTok, @preciousnsa for lifestyle on YouTube, and @walk_ingscripture on IG because she talks about Bible stuff. 

Who is the coolest person you follow and the coolest person who follows you?

Coolest person I follow is Fisayo Fosudo. Coolest person who follows me is Fisayo Fosudo and Destiny Ogedegbe who is known as @mrpossidez

What is your favourite Nigerian podcast?

The Fikemi Aderoju Podcast and The Blue Room Banters

Have you ever hooked up with someone you met online?

No. I have dated a few. But not hooked up, as in the secular sense of hook up. 

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