We promise to do our best and ensure to help you with your all your struggles. Looking at the calendar, we know for a fact that you probably have one struggle and that’s deciding what to get your girlfriend or love interest for Valentine’s Day this year. Look no more cos we’re here to save the day and help you with 5 possible gifts you can get her.

1. Makeup

Yeah, you can almost not go wrong with this one and you could also miss awfully. Your girl will always use makeup so that’s why it’s particularly hard for you to miss. However, if you go trying to be extra and get concealers and foundation then you just might get the wrong shade and spoil what could have been a perfect moment. If you want to go the makeup way then you could buy her lipstick, eye shadow, mascara because you can buy her any colors you think would look nice on her skin. You can top it all with a cosmetics case.

2. Teddy Bear

You can always buy your girl a teddy bear and not go wrong. You know for those nights where you can’t keep her warm, hopefully Teddy the Bear and not another man can! Try not buying anything too small cos then it might not keep her warm and then she might look for warmth elsewhere. A cozy blanket could also do the job in this instance, to be honest.

3. Silk Pillowcases

Yeah, be a forward thinking bae and get your love interest silk pillowcases cos apparently, they’re advantageous for her skin and I mean you want to help her achieve her skin goals innit? Oh yeah, they’re good for her hair too so basically, if your baby has just a couple challenges from becoming that 10, then silk pillowcases just might get her there. Unfortunately though, she might become that 10 and then the whole world now joins on her matter so yeah better be prepared for the competition that might come with her level up.

4. LuMee Illuminated ‘Light Up’ Selfie Phone Case

This is for the most forward thinking boyfriends. You don’t like when your girl sends you selfies that aren’t as bomb as they should be and you still have to tell her its nice so what you need to do is go buy her this case that lights up her selfies so the lighting is always A1. If after this your girl’s selfies aren’t bomb then the problem may not be her pictures and actually might be something else, don’t know what that is though. Oh yea, this costs $55.

5. DIY Chocolate Bouquet

Everyone gives their girl a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s. In a week, chances are they’re dead so why continue to do that when you could make her a candy bouquet and put all that good stuff you know she loves to eat cos she’s lowkey a foodie. This could be a really cute way to transform the typical roses into something she’d probably enjoy more. You can find out how to create this candy bouquet here.