Adekunle Gold Speaks to CNN on using Photoshop as his Music Gateway

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Adekunle Gold has since become a household name in the Nigerian music industry following the success of his early singles in 2015- Sade, Orente & Pick Up. Now with two albums to his name, more hits, and sold out shows home and abroad, Gold has been able to seal his place with a sound that is sui generis amidst the industry’s competitiveness and Pop-prevalence.

Speaking with CNN African Voices, a Globacom-sponsored documentary programme committed to showcasing the continent’s most astounding trendsetters blazing the trail in their respective paths – arts, fashion, music, technology, Gold speaks on his life transformation between now and a few years back.

According to him, the plan has always been to grow organically. Gold was a graphic designer popular for impeccably Photoshopping himself with celebrities as his own way of getting close to his favourite stars. It was also a strategy to garner buzz prior to his music getting exposure. The maneuvering however turned out well, seeing Gold transmute from ‘that guy who photoshops himself with celebrities‘ to a celebrated artist in Nigeria.

Watch his interview with CNN African Voices below:


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