Afro B Takes the Shaku wave home on Shaku Shaku

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Commercializing the success of a track by riding on its coat tails is a hivelike mindset common with musicians in the Nigerian music industry. They pursue and feed off the appreciated element(s) of a song or project greedily till it becomes a phenomenon no longer appreciated. However for Afro B, riding on the coat tails of Drogba(Joanna); one of biggest Afrobeat summer anthems isn’t part of his follow up plan. In his spanking release; Shaku Shaku, the South London native tells Okay Africa he not only diversified from the leading elements in his summer hit but did his best to project the trending dance to the world.

Just when everything ‘Shaku’ related was fizzing out, Afro B took it upon himself to shake things up again, this time taking the original Nigerian dance step to his home base; Ivory Coast and on a soundbed of bouncy synths and galvanic drums rising in cadence to the heat his lyrics alluding the effect his muse has on him with her ‘shaku’ moving body stirs up, Afro B and Team Salut who lays claims to the hook and chorus on the track, the duo successfully create yet another crowd controller perfect for upbeat moods.


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