One of the big obsessions with Lagos State is the desire to turn it into a modern mega city inspiring many projects which have come at the detriment of the poor. The Ambode-led government has come under heavy criticism for following in the footsteps of preceding governments by displacing less privileged citizens in the bid to make Lagos the city desired. It’s interesting however to see Governor Ambode take responsibility for his actions as he vowed to remunerate the owners of properties that were demolished to facilitate construction in the Agege axis when he spoke at the 10th Quarterly Town Hall meeting on Friday last week.

He went on to acknowledge that not enough has been done for citizens in riverine areas and expressed his concern while suggesting that healthcare centres are already in the works.

While Ambode may have said the things the people want to hear, it’s important to note he speaks with such little confidence that we must ask if the things he’s said are truly in motion or he’s doing what he should as a politician who is wary of the opinions of the people. The next month is crucial and we must ensure we hold Governor Ambode to his word.