First of all, the unorthodox -<insert project name\>  is the name of the project which gets your attention almost immediately. With no chance for a second thought, you are bombarded with an unprecedented amount of lyrical weight and creative content on this official project, particularly on the third track, wys? Ft Santi.

The EP just released by AYLØ consists of the orthodox: money, love, women and of course sex. The sounds all through the EP is similar yet so distinct. From the rather soothing sound of Gardens, to the hardcore rap inspired 133 (which sounds like something out of a horror movie), AYLØ proves that often times, great works are produced by the least likely, not the most mighty.

This alternative sounding project features the likes of Amaarae, Santino, Thrilla, Chris Generalz, Tau Benah, KeyLo and Elijah Bane who are nothing but brilliant co-architects on this sky-high project. Not forgetting the titles of the tracks which are either acronyms, numbers or one words.

From our stand point, special props goes to Santi’s touch on Wys as well as Amaraae’s touch on Woah! Listen below.