Streetwear has become an important part of Nigerian millennial culture over the past couple of years. While most streetwear brands cater to the teenage demographic, some create merchandise with older millennials in mind. Bearded Genius happen to be one of those brands we could argue appeal more to more aged millennials if we agree to tag them as a streetwear brand. Difficulty placing them within the confines of the label of “streetwear brand” originates from the fact that they do more than simply create clothes but also deliver grooming accessories to bearded men and those who dream of one day becoming proud members of beard gang. In the short two years the brand has existed, they’ve released two collections and finally their third, Asiko III is available for pre-order.

Asiko III which comprises of t-shirts and Dad (baseball inspired) hats draws inspiration from Yorubaland, the youth and street culture and is available for pre-order via emails, calls, texts and Whatsapp messages.