Nothing gives you the impression of two artists who sat in a studio together and allowed the chemistry reign supreme than great back and forths. Any other collaborations essentially have to be created by great verses and other elements of the record. With Boj and Ajebutter’s much anticipated EP, ‘Make E No Cause Fight’ while the latter is in the upper echelon, it’s the interesting back and forths that make the five track EP most a project to tell your friends about.

Opening with 24, Boj and Ajebutter set the tone for the rest of the project. Their vocals are interwoven as they acknowledge God’s guidance and the help of close friends like Teezee in all they continue do.

“24 like Jack Bauer, Oluwa lo cover wa”

The second track off the EP is Spax produced Taxi and sees Boj and Butter narrate the story of a girl on a night out when a love interest invites her over.

“I’m gonna call you a taxi”

The midway point through the tape is Yawa which served as the EP’s only single. You should already be on that by now.

“If you fuck up na Yawa.”

On track four, Spax gives reign on production to EKelly for a modern lover’s anthem, Tungba. Both Boj and Ajebutter take turns to say the things you only expect to hear from someone who acknowledges their girl’s flaws but still consider her perfect.

“You make my heart go Tungba”

The tape comes to a close with Amala which features Teezee and is produced by Studio Magic’s Platinum Toxx. Both Boj and Butter take the backseat and let Teezee get his second under the limelight as he delivers a rare verse that reminds us of his hustles, Jameson and NATIVE.

“Mo ma n lo fork and knife ti n ba fe je amala”

At a run time under 15 minutes, Make E No Cause Fight is easier to consume than ever. Shoutout Boj and Butter!