Brymo has never been an artist to shy away from uncomfortable or outrightly ignored narratives, which is possibly one of the reasons he’s not as popular as he should be. This however, does not take anything away from his talent, and seemingly unequalled delivery in tackling or at the very least talking about issues. He is an artist who has (with his past 4 studio albums) delivered on narratives that not only thrill, but resonate with our indigenous realities and experiences.

Oṣó his latest album, is an 11-track project which touches on (in typical Brymo fashion) politics, love, hustle and spiritual things. Off of Oṣó is his lead single HEYA. Heya is an exclamation, as well as a narration for the present situation of things, what ought to be, juxtaposed with what actually is politically, and emotionally.

Dropped the same day as the album, the video for Heya, really is not for the faint-hearted. It is one of those videos that keep you glued to your screen for the entirety of the story. It features a predominantly naked Brymo in the surreal Makoko environs, expressing himself the best way he can. Arguments have ensued on social media as to the artistic nature or “madness” of the RnB artist on this project. Would a “Kanye” in this video be referred to as mad?

Form your opinion here.