In 2015, when Falz broke out with his hit single; Karishika and subsequent hits made in the same vein as Karishika, Nigerians were excited at the prospect of Falz’s style of laid back rap which is easy to comprehend and relatable but we had only just glimpsed a part of a myriad of personalities, the versatile artist is blessed with.

From Karishika to his refix of Childish Gambino’s conscious ‘This is America‘, the Nigerian music industry has witnessed Falz’s evolution from artiste to guardian of the masses and underprivileged. Last year saw him tackle the ills of our government in ‘This is Nigeria‘, a track that resulted in a lawsuit and this year, Falz is up and ready to tackle these challenges head-on once again.

He begins with a percussions led track titled Talk accompanied by a mesh of animated and live scenes in which he dramatically projects the impressionable lyrics he delivers in the 3-minute long track.

Talk, compared to his previously released socially conscious tracks, is more of a missile aimed at taking down a number of subjects including the President, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) group, Yahoo Boys, the National Assembly, the All Progressives Congress party, rich Pastors and even sex workers; an unnecessary and quite frankly irrelevant attack seeing as in his list of victims, sex workers are the only ones performing legit transactions.

Talk is only a part of the pile of weighty lyrics and sounds Falz will be unleashing come January 15th in form of an album titled Moral Instruction and as a herald of what’s to come, it’s already clear, Falz will be taking no Prisoners.