Abdulmumin Jibrin, a member of the House of Representatives, says President Muhammad Buhari has so much electoral worth that it will be difficult to defeat him in 2019.

While responding to questions from journalists in Abuja, Jibrin said he was not perturbed by those that have left the All Progressives Congress.

“With Mr. President as the candidate of the APC, we are not threatened by all the people leaving the party,” he said.

Jibrin also posited that “Buhari is a man of the masses,” and would win because of his “massive electoral value.”

“There are certain things that will help the APC to retain power and ensure that President Buhari wins. He has massive electoral value.

“Those who are against Buhari in this country are just a section of the elites. They don’t have any electoral value. The next election would be an election of that section of the elites versus the masses.”