Burna Boy barely does press. He never does sells out to any politicians and he never does industry politics. It’s in line with his place as an outsider. He always breaks the rules and occasionally those he creates for himself, particularly when he’s got a project to push. Following the release of his latest album, Outside, Burna has hit the road doing press in the UK and is scheduled to arrive in the US today where he shall continue to push for listeners in somewhat unfamiliar markets. While in the UK, he stopped by at Tim Westwood’s and spoke about the album before delivering a freestyle that reminds us that Burna has no Nigerian peers.

During the interview, Burna talks about More Life, a record he created for Drake’s most recent project which failed to make the cut. He dismisses the idea that there’s some bad blood and shows appreciation for even being considered to create for the project and talks about collaborating with the other artists on the project.

Watch the rare Burna interview.