In Leg Over, we were witness to an Eazi who was jilted by a love interest, who sent him seeking solace in the strangest place – a church. The video ended with a priest giving Eazi what we could only imagine to be sound advice and dabbing alongside.
The just released video for Pour Me Water takes up from where leg over ended. It opens with the same priest (who now milly rock’s) criticise Eazi for his new lifestyle which suggests that Mr Eazi did everything but listen to the advice. The video, following this opening sequence is very afro-centric – from the ladies and Eazi who have African prints on their contemporary outfits, to the props and everything that makes the video what it is just simply works.

Pour Me Water being the latest single of his upcoming EP, “Who is Mr Eazi” is surely a good introduction heralding the artists second official project.