With the trend of what can only be referred to as Instagram relationships, where a paramour is enticed by either money or body, Buwa, a contemporary RnB artist releases More Than The World, a song about love. True love.

The singer-songwriter, sounding like and taking a page from, Joe’s erudite lyrical mastery, impresses on More Than The World featuring Jamal Swiss. He recounts a love desire extended towards a mystery female as he offers her things he probably cannot give, while requesting just one thing in return – her heart. Buwa is also heard attempting to entice her with weeklong activities he plans to engage in all over the world, as long as she heeds his previous request. The rap verse of Jamal Swiss even though muffled, fits like a glove. Also, the rhythm he opts for is worthy of some praise.

The neo soul record (a style of music that emerged from soul and contemporary RnB) is produced by Dammiechordz, mixed and mastered by Rick Salt, and definitely worth a listen.