Chase Music’s New Cast Debut With Their ‘Pow’ Music Video

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Chase Music's New Cast Debut With Their Pow Music Video

Many artists often fail to establish face recognition with their failure to put out visuals. While we must acknowledge it’s probably the most expensive part of the art, it’s overly important. With Chase Music, Jinmi Abduls remains the most established of the four acts currently on the roster. Ahead of his peers and carrying them along on an interesting journey is definitely the aim and with their debut release, Pow, they do a good job delivering stellar verses while Abduls takes on the task that is the hook.

Making sure not to make the same mistakes many of their counterparts have, they’re putting their faces out there and begin so with the music video for Pow which is directed by Benjamin Suleiman and shot on location in Lagos.

For the most part, it’s everything you expect from a video by a collective, they’re all together for the chorus and during individual verses, each act takes centre stage. Nonetheless, an important release from the Chase Gang.


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