The members of the DMW crew seem to be walking on a very tight rope of staying relevant this year. The leash holding the hit makers back from frequent releases grows shorter by the day. While Nigerians are still contemplating whether Aza was a hit or miss with Duncan Mighty and Nwa Baby seems to have faded out of our minds, the magnetic duo of Davido and Peruzzi come back this week with a standard DMW effort, this time regular enough to go unnoticed. 

The typical effort titled Twisted which features Peruzzi and Davido running their chaotic love themed lines on the usual plane of tempered keys and mellow drums is accompanied by a cinematic video directed by Twitch and it does no more for the song than its beats or their familiar lyricism. 

Perhaps it’s the short interval at which songs are released or the recycled instrumentals used in every track but Twisted might not make the cut of best DMW records of the year. It will definitely stay on our playlists for a while and might even get extended airplay.