Davido Closes The Year With Wonder Woman

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Very few can boast of a year as successful and explosive as Davido’s. Attempting to up a year where he redirected his music career and went on a run like none other, he again set his own bars and did what many can only continue to dream of. Selling out shows in cities lost on the world map, and finally surrounding himself with a group of artists who can stand their ground and own identities in his absence, 2018 will go down as a success for OBO. As he gears towards his City of David concert on the 27th of December, he dedicates a record to the ladies with Wonder Woman.

On this single titled Wonder Woman, Davido takes a page out of the Amazonian handout and uses it as a checklist to check off all the features of strong women and in typical Davido fashion, he raspily weaves his way around Teekay Witty’s standard bass led synths and pads that are the perfect backup to a funky narrative. 

Probably one of his more tepid efforts in the past year but it’ll be no surprise seeing you vibing to it in a week or two as Davido creeps into the listener’s subconscious riding along to Teekay’s basslines and delivering empowering lyrics as he pulls the curtain on a colorful discography this year. 


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