Deejay Ricco and Don Chima George Arrest Births Protests Against Handling of Sexual Assault Cases in Nigeria

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Deejay Ricco and Don Chima George's Arrest And The Birth of Protests Against Handling of Rape Cases in Nigeria

In 2018, a group of brave Nigerian women took to Twitter to name and shame some of their sexual abusers. Armed with stories, a couple of Twitter users became the narrators of the abuse many young ladies had been forced to endure by men. These conversations are cyclical and rightly so, especially in the absence of cases to point to where justice has been served. The latest case of sexual assault to gain traction, by all intents and purposes could serve as a landmark case for a generation. It was reported two days ago that Razak Oluwaseun Oke, a musician known as Deejay Ricco and Don Chima George, son of the owner of Da Lankester Hotel had been arrested after they allegedly drugged and sexually assualted an unnamed lady over the weekend.

The story has dominated social media since its arrival and when it broke, it was stated that the Police found a video of the duo sexually assualting the unconscious woman in question. Armed with this piece of evidence, the Police proceeded with the arrest with suggestions that they shall treat the case with the right amount of care and caution required to secure a conviction.

In the 48 hours that have followed, a range of unconfirmed scenarios have been presented. We shall highlight these below.

  1. Don Chima George and Deejay Ricco were released and the piece of evidence deleted by Nigerian Police Force Officers. Inspired by a now deleted tweet welcoming Ricco back home.
  2. Don Chima George’s father had gotten the brother of the victim who reported the case to the police arrested after vandalising his hotel Da Lankester Hotel where the sexual assault is reported to have occured.
  3. Don Chima George and Deejay Ricco have been remanded to Kiri Kiri Prison in Apapa where they shall remain until their case is due in court after being adjourned till the 7th of March.

For the Nigerian Police Force and Judicial system, this could be a landmark case. The power of social media has amplified the different narratives that have been presented in different forms and the institution finds itself in a position where more eyes are on it than ever before. The argument that Nigeria only works for the rich will be tested as everyone looks to see if despite the presentation of what many believe to be rock-solid evidence, Don Chima George and Deejay Ricco walk.

Justice will not come overnight but hopefully it does.

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