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One of the biggest mistakes people make nowadays is getting rid of their electronic devices, such as computers, without destroying their confidential information. This is extremely worrying in a day and age where identity fraud is rife. You only have to turn on the news to see all about the different high profile data breaches that are occurring, and corporate cyber attacks are not the only way in which they do. If you throw away your PC or sell it and you do not completely wipe the data, there could quite easily be somewhere ready and waiting to take it. This is something that everyone needs to follow, whether it is someone getting rid of their personal computer or a business owner wondering about how to protect client data. You also need to make sure that all of your employees are educated when it comes to destroying confidential information too.

How cyber attackers can easily access your data if you do not destroy it

It is quite easy to extract the data as well. All these individuals are doing is using free software that is readily available on the Internet. And, even if it was a bit more difficult, it is likely that these individuals would find a way in. After all, they are becoming more and more sophisticated and advanced with their approach.

You have a commitment to your customers

For business owners, this is even more important because you have a commitment to your customers. You need to be compliant. You can check out the automated solution for anyone’s KYC needs that can help you with this. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you keep on top of the threat of identity theft. However, this does not mean that you can evade your responsibility to handle data in the right way and dispose of it properly too.

Have you really deleted it?

Therefore, you need to ensure that you destroy your confidential data effectively. However, another issue is that a lot of people think they are deleting the data on their hard drive when in fact they aren’t. This is because they delete the files and then remove them from the trash bin as well. However, this does not really delete the file, in most cases, it simply gets rid of the shortcut. For anyone with a bit of computer knowledge, it would be easy to restore these critical files.

So, how do you destroy this confidential data and make sure it is gone for good? Well, you have two key choices at your disposal. The first option is to erase the hard drives at your business or on your personal PC. However, when you go for this method you really need to make sure you are doing it the right way. There are programs available that will wipe the data, and they will overwrite the original files with random data. This is beneficial because it stops any original data from being retrieved. If you went for a simple wiping program, there is always the chance that the data could still be recovered.

Another option, which most people believe is the best approach, is to shred the hard drive. This is something that requires a lot more than simply taking a hammer to the hard drive. You will need to remove the pieces of the hard drive from the device, and after this, you will need to drill holes into the hard drive in strategic places to ensure it is destroyed. After this, you can use a hammer to break and scuff the pieces.

This may sound easy enough, yet it is not something you are advised to do on your own. This is because the hard drive will release harmful chemicals when you hit it with a hammer. This is why you are advised to leave this service in the hands of the professionals. By doing this, you can be sure that everything is handled above board.

So, next time you go to get rid of an old computer or mobile phone, make sure all of your confidential data is destroyed beforehand. This is imperative for everyone, from individual to business owner.


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