DJ Tiz first made an impression with an unconventional EP of mixes tagged Birth of Tizzy, in 2016. On the 6 mixes, he showcased his abilities to transition between genres, connected with other DJs like Oreo, Bluegrass and Kosh and above all went the step further by finding the intersection between his task as a DJ and that of out and out musicians. Since then, Tiz has been very quiet however, with the splurge he is set to go on, everything is put in perspective. The act is set to make the transition from mixing the sounds of artists to also seeing his name in the credits with an eight-track EP dubbed Apex which features Minz, Odunsi, Bobson, Dami Oniru, David Meli and more of the new crop of musicians coming out of Nigeria at the moment. The first single off Apex is titled Phone Up and features production and vocals from Abuja based alternative act, Tay Iwar.

On the Afrocentric record, Tay is centered on the idea of opening up and asks for a potential lover to reach out to him in her times of need for companionship. It’s also certain that Tay has gone through some eye-opening experiences as he elucidates how he has discovered himself with time. Categorizing Phone Up under a single genre is particularly hard considering the presence of guitars which give it an element of rock as well as traditional drums which create an Afro feel.

DJ Tiz and Tay Iwar meet perfectly on this track and if the whole EP is anything like this then it’ll be welcomed with open arms en masse.

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