Mental illness and suicide have taken a big sweep on most Nigerian forums. With the enlightenment of the people and continuous devastating news of ended lives, the awareness for mental illness and need for it goes on. Dj Yin is the latest to take a stand to help sufferers and the public gain more knowledge through her song “Kilimanjaro”.

The song begins with a compilation of various Nigerian personalities giving intros to individual discussions on depression. The intro also included personal experiences and a small educative speech from OAP Kemi Smalls.

As it develops, the background remains the voices of those who wish to create awareness. The song itself contains relatable lines like:

“I just want you to see that there’s more to me”

“It also has the usual warning of depression: “why’re you always crying”

And a very inspiring part:

“I still rose above it all”

The final part gives a small poetic explanation of how depression usually comes about and how it has to be killed.

Check it out below: