18 year old Abuja based singer, Efe Oraka shared a video on her Twitter page yesterday which saw her mashup 21 Jon Bellion songs in under two minutes. Oraka who revers Bellion has created Mavin and Sia covers and mashups in the past however, none of them have gotten as much traction as yesterday’s cover which saw her earn widespread praise including from Jon Bellion who revealed that seeing the video made him reminisce creating some of the tracks.

When we spoke to Oraka on the feature, she asserted her belief that Jon Bellion is a true musician and explained his impact on the music she creates today. Oraka said:

I feel like Jon Bellion is a true musician. There are so many great artistes right now, but not enough great musicians. Have you heard his stuff? It’s amazing. He has shown so much growth over the years. It’s so obvious that he really takes his time with what he does. He works not only hard, but purposefully. It’s so beautiful to watch someone doing what they do with so much passion and energy. You can really tell that he is making moves and doing things so organically and beautifully. I used to admire great songwriters as I felt poetry was the greater part of music. But Jon Bellion flipped my perspective. With him, I understood that poetry is not only the words you can muster, but it’s the feeling you can give. The feelings he gives through his beat. Have you seen a YouTube video of Jon Bellion working? Wow. Even when he performs his songs man. Jon Bellion can perform a song you know by heart and do it in such a way you feel like you’ve never heard it before. He’s really one of the only people who should be allowed to use the term ‘Beautiful Mind’ because that is what he is. He’s the perfect synergy between artiste and producer. His talents in singing, producing and writing have been married so well. I can’t even deal. I’m just so happy that I caught his wave when I did because he’s really been an inspiration to me. I love Jon Bellion so much man. It would be an honor to not only work with him but learn from him

We went on further to inquire on how making covers translates to her own music and reference Connor Maynard’s covers as great while some argue his music has failed to reach such heights and how Oraka intends on ensuring that she doesn’t fall into the same trap. Oraka replied by begging to differ and warned of what she has in store in her email to us. She stated:

I don’t think covering people’s music is all that easy. And I’m not just saying that. You see when someone covers a song, they have a great deal to contend with. Because if the song is a song that is really loved and they flop, it’s even worse. Do you know that there are some artistes who can’t cover the songs of other artistes? And it’s not because they can’t sing or play well enough but because covering a song in such a way that it’s good enough really takes a lot out of you. Conor Maynard is phenomenal at what he does. It’s not that his music doesn’t get enough credit, I mean, look at tracks like ‘Vegas Girl’ , ‘Turn Around’ and so on. They hit the charts heavily on release! I feel like the reason he does covers more is because he genuinely enjoys doing them and he loves being able to be creative with what someone else has made. If anything, I feel like if he released something right now, it might even be easier for him because of the fan base he has acquired. At the end of the day, none is easier than the other, it’s all about doing what you enjoy the most and being happy with it. I don’t only do covers. I have so many tracks I’ve been keeping and waiting for the right time to release. Something great is coming and I just hope everyone is ready for me.

The recognition this video brings Oraka continues the trend of growth for the singer who has slowly established herself in Abuja’s creative circles and headlined the February edition of Bantu Sessions. Check out some reactions to the mashup below