Fab 5: Lubee Abubakar

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The theme of this section is to get an artist to pick five of their most highly rated pieces of art and explain their choices.

Ms Abubakar tweets at @LubeeCashmere and keeps a blog.

Ghosts and Lanterns:  This was my very first photo for the Ghosts and Lanterns series and it captures a market in Port Harcourt. I decided to start the series because I wanted to develop a story about Nigerians: Street photography with a difference. I took the photo from a car, at around 6:30pm. It’s gone through a little bit of a Photoshop edit,
Couple:  This one was borne out of a phase where I felt traditional and wanted to channel that to good use so I met up with some of my friends who were luckily free and willing to help. We took it outside an uncompleted building in Port Harcourt. They tried different poses but this is the one that really stood out.
Abike; This one is from my ‘Abike’ photo series. During the first few months of my final year at Durham, My friend Ada and I got bored of reading law books and decided to play photographer and model so we turned my sitting room into a photography studio. I dressed Ada up with a black table cloth and black head tie and got to work.
Billy Suleiman: This is a portrait of my little in law taken about 2 years ago. My sister and I were sitting at home bored and decided to do something edgy and beautiful so we came up with that. I used my Nikon with no artificial lighting but we managed to manipulate the reflection of the sun a bit.
Shoba Padman This was Fashion shoot put together by myself and 3 amazing women; Shoba Padman (model), Mariam Aduke (stylist) and Zubee Abubakar (MUA). We wanted to be adventurous and go towards the high fashion/editorial side of photography. It was taken at Mayfield studio in Newcastle. I used my very loyal boyfriend; the Nikon D7000 and played around with the lighting until I got something interesting enough.
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