Falana captures the intricacies of her life as she celebrates a rebirth on new EP ‘Chapter One’

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Falana has taken a coveted seat on the center table of worthy sounds in the Nigerian music industry today. This is particularly made more amazing by the fact that in 2014, the unboxable singer was wary of culminating the foreign elements of her sound to pitch her tent in Nigeria but soars now with as much confidence as she inputs in her music.

Built on a solid ground of flawless narratives immersed in Indie, Latin and Afro Pop soundscapes from her past releases and a magnetic personality, Falana shares her much-anticipated project; Chapter One.

Drawing on the theme of Rebirth, Chapter One in its very nature marks the beginning of a new era in Falana’s musical journey and though not self-titled, it encapsulates her thoughts, inspirations and musings and does a good job of capturing the extent of her songwriting and performing skills.

From the jazzed up Repeat, complete with traditional percussions that captures the core of her being and underlines a loyalty to soul driven narratives to the guitar laden and retro Shine On to personal favorite, the bass hinged Get Up, Falana runs wild and free with this project.

An exploration of sounds and a sojourn into different dimensions, Chapter One is as expressive and descriptive as it can ever get and as an object of renaissance engendering Falana’s new journey, it is exciting.


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