Remaining an independent artist has its perks. On one hand, it ensures one never sells out and remains their truest version. It may also be financially challenging but with the exploitative deals most labels try to rope artists into, it may be the safest bet. Over the years, we’ve continued to watch indie acts organically grow their fanbases. For independent act, Fasina, the end of the month shall mark a big deal for him as he hosts his debut headline concert.

Scheduled for the 30th of June at the Hoxton Basement, the Freakshow is tagged a magical display of cool shit and music stuff and we can expect Fasina will be supported by acts like Tomi Agape and Lady Donli.

A vibe you want to be at if you’re in London.

Tickets are currently available at £8 and will rise after the 26th of June by £2.

Fasina to Host Debut Headline Concert in London