FG demands Kenyan government investigate reported killing of Nigerian by Kenyan police

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The Nigerian government has demanded that the Kenyan government conduct a full autopsy and investigation into the alleged killing of a Nigerian, Bamiyo Ashade, by the Kenyan Police.

The demand was made through the Special Assistant to the President on Foreign affairs and Diaspora, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa.

It is being reported that the Nigerian ambassador in Kenya, Sheidu Momoh, has briefed Nigerians about the alleged incident, and pleaded with them to remain calm.

The ambassador stated that the Nigerian High Commission is on top of the situation and had sent a formal complaint to the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Ministry, demanding a full autopsy.

However, the envoy disclosed that the deceased was not a student in Kenya, but a Nigerian residing in the East African country.

The envoy also stated that he had paid a visit to the family of the deceased.

The deceased, Bamiyo Ashade, was reportedly brutalised at his house in Four Ways Estate, Kiambu on Monday, October 15, while the police officers allegedly tried to extort him; despite finding out that he had valid papers.

He reportedly stood his ground, as he had not committed an offense; leading to harassment and assault by the police officers.

Ashade was subsequently rushed to a hospital when the officers saw that he was nearing his death. He died at the medical facility.


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