Fiyin Gambo, an Eagle and CEO of CLIQ Media, is a millennial passionate about revolutionising the face of the Nigerian film industry. The self-taught film-maker and producer has produced two short films with the intent to create images never seen before on African screens and to export the ingenuity of Nollywood to the rest world.

With the collaboration of the Lagos State Government, Fiyin, has gone ahead to produce an action packed film – The Pursuit – and boy has the trailer got us hyped! The minute-long trailer narrates the attempt of a Dare Omotosho, who steals an experimental cancer cure medication for a man he refers to as Chief. It then transitions into fast cars, police chase and a promise of intrigue and action.

The movie is set to be released this summer and if it is anything like the trailer suggests, we can’t wait for its release. Hopefully, the movie gets the well thought out release it deserves.