After dropping the trailer back in September, Funmi Iyanda is back with her web series “Ask Funmi”.

Funmi Iyanda is a popular talk show host, broadcaster and journalist. She is best known for the show “New Dawn with Funmi” which aired for years on NTA.

Her web series, Ask Funmi, is a Question and Answer session where Ms. Iyanda and sometimes accompanied by a guest, goes through issues of various ideological standings from marriage, colonialism to religion and beyond.

On this episode, she spoke extensively on “Why is religion so destructive?” After giving a thorough analysis, she gave the culture or religion of humanity as a philosophical idea and way of life.

The talk began gracefully with her thanking her viewers for the commendations and criticisms from the last season. She mentioned some of the changes to her setting. Where she usually placed her laptop a side piece and her question keeper, she has now switched to keeping her question(s) in her bag – and keeping this by her side.

Commendably, the style and serene overlook have not changed. The content was as entertaining as the film work, giving an overall appeal to anyone watching.


Check out the episode below: