Welcome to my guide on how to drip like a faucet at GidiFest 2018. These are actually pieces I’d personally rock and advice any fashion forward person to. These pieces have been curated solely for festival purposes, taking into consideration, the weather, the beach environment, being an all day event amongst other factors. You’re going to want to rock weather friendly pieces that prevent sweating. Gidifest is an all day festival so keep that in mind when selecting your drip.

First off, I’m a T shirt lad. When you couple that with the weather and other factors like the venue and time, T Shirts are actually the most suitable option for Gidifest.

Below, we have two light material button up short sleeve tees from Nigerian brands, Mr Garbe & WafflesNCream. The materials are very light and ideal for the heat, you’d hardly sweat in these tees. The colours are also very bright with vibrant patterns perfect for the festival vibe.



Below is a Neon Green Off White Tee. Like the previous two, the tee is light material, suitable for the heat. The Neon green also compliments the festival vibe. Imagine how trippy it’ll look under the lights.

It’s an all day ting so comfort really should be your priority. Comfort should be a huge factor when assembling your drip. Hence with the pants, I’d go for light trousers or beach friendly shorts. You want your legs to be as free and comfy as possible to bust all the moves you feel like.

The first image is from Mr Garbe, the colours and material are just perfect for the occasion, not to leave out the beautiful print is definitely an eye catcher. You most certainly want to stand out in the crowd.

These Stussy shorts or anything of the sort will also be very appropriate for the beach. The material is not too thick and so this is a priority choice if you’re a man of comfort.

Last but not least, Kenneth Ize’s whole outfit is just perfect. The colour coordination is mad trippy and perfect for festivals and you will definitely turn heads if you’re draped in anything of the sort.

These Vivendii snake skin pants are obviously a top choice, in fact this is the choice, haha!!! These pants are mad comfy and swaggy as fuck. With Vivendii you always going to stand out, so if you don’t have these, cop em in time for Gidifest. You only got a week and some change left.

Through this article, the sun has been a common factor in all choices, hence, its only wise to have an accessory to block the sun as much as possible. Below, we have a WafflesNCream bucket hat perfect for blocking the sun. Don’t worry, no sweating on your scalp, the material is very light and made for festivals and the beach. Coincidentally, the festival is on the beach.


Last but not least, rock sneakers. Some of you may want to rock slippers but you don’t want to be trying to finesse a pie with sandy ass feet. With sneakers, your feet are totally covered and with sneakers made of mostly leather, the sand can always be dusted off after the lit night.


That’s it guys, my Gidifest style guide, remember, the two most important factors when selecting your drip are comfort and swag. See you guys at Gidifest.

By the way, I’d be presenting for Culture Custodian with my Deto Black, so smile for our cameras when you see us.