ICYMI: Hamzaa Returns With Sophomore 5-Track EP ‘Phases’

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Hamzaa has been a delight to watch and experience these past few years. Not only has she backed up her claim to an enviable spot in the United Kingdom and Africa’s music industries with worthy singles and an outstanding EP, but she also continues to reinforce her presence with even better performances. Having already drawn us in with several interviews on relevant media platforms and a preceding single accompanied by a video, the Hackney native returns with her sophomore EP, Phases this month.

An appropriate follow-up to her debut project, First Signs Of Me which essentially served as an introduction, Phases features stories and sounds that dig deep into her personality. Armed with strong, sultry vocals Hamzaa navigates romantic themes adequately backed by sweet piano and bass-driven soundscapes on tracks like hit single, Sunday Morning and Home while she diversifies by going goth on the fast-paced Hard To Love and Unlucky. On the final track, Someday, Hamzaa leaves room for questions as she closes with an articulation of her hopes and dreams.

As one of the artists currently putting question marks on conforming styles, Hamzaa has done an impressive job of going against the status-quo, moves that will most likely put her on global radars very soon.

Stream the 5-track EP here.


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