“I Want To Live The American Dream” – Davido on Working on Multiple Projects For The US and Nigerian Markets

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Since the phoenix like success of Fall in the United States after it’s anthemic run in Nigeria about two years ago, Davido has been working his way to cement his celebrity in the American market.

Fall has not just debuted on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Airplay chart, but has since skyrocketed to the 22nd position, furthering it’s reign as the longest charting Nigerian song on Billboard.

Following the appetizing remix of Fall featuring America’s Busta Rhymes and Prayah, ahead of the official remix, Davido has been press rounds in the US both for radio and print platforms in a bid to seal a spot in the American pop scene.

In a chat with Billboard, David speaks on his unheralded rise in America, bromance with Casanova, his forthcoming sophomore album and more.

On his out of the blue rise in the US, Davido says:

“I don’t even know what happened. I just woke up and I was everywhere. People always asks what happened, like, “How did you just cross over like that?” And I’m just like, “Honestly, I have no idea my brother.”

On his forthcoming sophomore album, Davido hints at a double album release in a bid to specially cater for his African and American audience. He said;

It’s crazy because “Fall” got picked up in Atlanta and it’s about to get picked up in another two states. In a while, it’ll be in all 50 states and we’ll probably finish up in L.A. and drop the album. I’m working on two albums right now: one for Africa and one for out here. That’ll be crazy. That might be a double album.

When asked his favourite collaboration out of the gazillion collaborations he’s been on, Davido unhesitatingly said,

My favorite one I think is the track I did with Casanova and Tory Lanez. The record called “2 AM.” I really like that record. The video was shot in Nigeria [and] Casanova came out there. I just like the bridging of Canadian, Nigerian and American, coming together to do something crazy.

Speaking futher on his bromance with Casanova, he continued…

I don’t come to New York without calling Casanova and he says that he won’t come to Nigeria without calling me. He became a brother to me when he came out there to Nigeria to spend some time with us. He’s always shown mad love.

On his aspiration in the coming year, Davido is just about living the American dream. In his own words,

I want to drop this album by the grace of God. Hopefully, we get to hit No. 1. I just want to share great ideas and great music with other artists, influence other artists, write and produce for other people. Just getting to the dream. I’ve lived the African dream, now I’m trying to get to the American dream, you know?


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