Ice Prince And Peruzzi Are Lovestruck In Yawa Video

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When Ice Prince, under the management of Chocolate City along with his label mates: MI and Jesse Jagz revolutionized the Hip hop scene in the Nigerian music industry with timeless hits like Oleku and Super Star, followed by his critically acclaimed album: 2011 we did not expect that less than a decade later that his glistening career would plunge abysmally. In the last few years, MI has stayed afloat, keeping Rappers in check and reminding us why he was so hot in the first place. Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince on the other hand have taken different routes, only exerting loose energy when they deem fit. This year especially, Ice Prince completely fell off the surface until few months ago, he attempted to make a comeback by way of an EP: Cold which he followed with a collaborative effort with Peruzzi on Yawa that finally gets a video today. 

The intense pipey synths and mellow 808s rife in this record sets the perfect sceneries for the affluence immersed crispy video that is perhaps a means of revival seeing as the song itself didn’t do so much in heralding his comeback. 

Ice Prince might need to go back to the drawing board to seek out that particular feature that made him special in the first place or just sit back and watch the industry transform into what he wished it will be when he made his debut years ago. 


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