Ireti Doyle and Sola Sobowale Lead the Charge in New 1929 Trailer

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Starring Sola Sobowale and Ireti Doyle, Kiensa Nigeria Production alongside Ndy Akan have released the first teaser for new historical film, 1929. The teaser shows the film will follow the struggles of the women of Ikot Abasi, Opobo Division during what the British Colonial Records dubbed the Aba’s Women’s Riot of 1929.

1929 teaser
Via YouTube: FilmOneNg

In the past couple of years, a noticeable shift in Nollywood has come about as the mostly quantity driven industry has switched up it’s gears to focus more on quality. Historical films are one of the most distinguished forms of cinematic expressions and are a relatively untapped frontier in the Nigerian film industry.

Via YouTube: FilmOneNG

Speaking on 1929, Ndy Akan adds:

1929’ film was done in order to let the world know the part the Ibibio and Annang women played to stop women’s taxation by the colonial masters, particularly the women from Ikot Abasi, Opobo division

The producer continues:

The general impression people have is that the 1929 women’s riot took place only at Aba; no, women from different provinces in the then eastern region of Nigeria played a major part to stop the imposition of tax on women. The film will serve as a point of reference for research, especially for young people. On a lighter note, the film is spiced up with a love story to delight the viewers, it is a historical film that will make you think, feel, laugh and learn and I will be happy to see people come out to watch history being made

Watch the 1929 teaser below:

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