Meet Kehinde Durojaiye, the Nigerian building a flying jet car

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Kehinde Durojaiye

Anyone who has lived in Lagos understands the struggles with traffic and wishes there was a way out. This Nigerian man named Kehinde Durojaiye has rather than complaining, taken his frustration and is using it to create a flying jet car that can also work on water.

The 46 year old Kehind Durojaiye who has been nicknamed Kenny Jet has already created four prototypes of his aero-amphibious jet car which can already move on water and land but has so far failed to make the leap into the air.

When speaking to CNN, Durojaiye revealed that his ultimate goal is to show the world that a machine which can move on all surfaces is possible. He said:

“We want the whole world to know it is possible to have a kind of machine that can move on land, on sea and fly and perhaps move under the sea,”

Durojaiye claims to have made trips to Ibadan already with the next generation machine and suggests it can move as fast as 120 kilometres per hour on land and at six knots while in water.

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