Music releases in the Nigerian music scene have come to have a uniform identity. An artist drops a song, gets it on radio and in the press and then announces a challenge of some form, typically on Instagram and occasionally requiring other less popular artists create covers. We all agree it’s tired but some will argue that constantly putting the music in people’s faces often causes them to listen and as such is an effective means of getting the music out there. Others like myself will argue, the most successful songs barely ever have any challenges backing them (Olamide’s music being the exception). It’s a technique leveraged by acts who don’t believe in the quality of their music enough to give it a chance to succeed without tapping into the economic woe that permeates Nigeria. Some tag it ‘marketing’ others a lack of creativity that’s telling about the supporting cast many Nigerian artists have surrounded themselves with. Always striving for difference, it’s no surprise that Lady Donli continues to alter how the fans should think about the things that have to do with how the music does not sound.

Starting off the year hosting a Lagos headlines show, Donli was quick to redirect her energy from actions that looked to bring in massive crowds that are unlikely considering she’s distant from pop circles. Instead, she began hosting intimate sessions in the living rooms of fans. Add that in with the impressive art direction that most of her music comes with and we can say the Abuja bred singer is doing it better than most of her contemporaries.

Her latest display of brilliance is with the release of her collaborative effort with GJtheCaesar. With the release of a track tagged ‘Games’ it’s great to see that fans get to entertain themselves with a short Super Mario like application available here.

Lady Donli is a gem we must protect at all costs as she continues to go that extra mile that you definitely want to see from all your faves. With quality music backed by gestures that show her commitment, it’s only a matter of time before she separates herself from the pack irreversibly.