The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Lagos State, Jimi Agbaje, has said Lagosians have not got much better with the present ruling party in the last 20 years after the huge sum that has been generated and spent.

Agbaje was speaking on the Arise News, The Morning Show, where he said he is in the gubernatorial race for the third time because he believed the state deserves better.

“Lagos is not doing well, Lagos deserves better. We should not get carried away with small successes and think we are doing well,” he said.

“Lagos is the fifth largest economy in Africa, bigger than some eleven African countries combined. But Lagos is one of the only two megacities that don’t have a transport system in terms of a modern model.”

He also alleged that the state has been by few people with vested interests for the past twenty years and is the reason the over 7 trillion naira that has been reportedly spent has not commensurate with improvement in standards of living for the people.

He said, “Lagos State has been in the last 20 years run by one two people with vested interests. The state has spent 7 trillion in the last few years and we are asking Lagosians what have from that?”

“I have not been governor they believe I don’t suit their interests and that I will not do their biddings.”

On how he plans to run the government if elected in 2019, Agbaje said, “we are going to be doing things differently. We have to get education right as the youths that are coming up are not being prepared for the economy of the 21st century.”

On health, he said he is going to provide affordable healthcare system that’s sustainable.

” Lagos in the 21st century must have a health system that’s sustainable. There must be universal access to a health system which is available and affordable. We have not got that after 20 years and 7 trillion spent.”

Speaking on the challenge of funding his campaign, he said many people believed in his candidacy and had been supporting even in terms of services rendered.

“When you have a good product, people support. We are not going to be competing in terms of posters because they (APC) have state funds.”

The PDP’s candidate also spoke about his running mate, Mrs Haleemat Busari, whom he said was chosen based on her overwhelming strengths.

” She comes in on her own good strength. She is a lawyer and has been  on the boards of many organizations. She is a good representative of the organised private sector,” he said.

Watch the interview below: