LeBron, CP3, PG and the Most Important NBA Post Season Potential Moves.

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With the conclusion of the 2017-2018 season, with Golden State Warriors being crowned champion again for the second consecutive year, NBA teams are desperately seeking to make trade in efforts to have a chance to compete against the Warriors.

Some notable free agents are LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George and Chris Paul. LeBron undoubtedly is the most sought agent as most people expect him to leave Cleveland Cavaliers team with their average regular season and underwhelming performance in the finals. The Lakers, 76ers and Rockets are currently some of his potential destinations. These next three weeks till free agency opens will be interesting with a lot of speculation that NBA fans will be following heavily.

Kevin Durant, finished off a solid regular season by winning the championship and being awarded Finals MVP. Golden State head coach, Steve Kerr and GM Bob Myers stated they are willing to give Kevin Durant any amount he wants as we expect him to seek the max deal.

Paul George had a good first regular season with OKC however at times it was filled with systematic team problems with Carmelo and Westbrook. This led to sup-par performances by the trio, as they struggled to establish offensive rhythm and struggled on the defensive end particularly after Andre Roberson picked up a season-ending injury. Paul George has a player option contract and can either sign a 4 year extension with OKC or another team or sign a 1 year max deal, and leave OKC the following year. The rumor mill is currently suggesting he could be staying at OKC but suggestions linking him with a return to his hometown team, the Los Angeles Lakers are always around the corner.

With the NBA Draft on June 21st, a lot of teams will begin looking to make trades that make them competitive in the coming year.




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